Our Prayer

Father, in Jesus Name, we thank You that You are instructing us in the way which we should go and that You are guiding us with your eye. We thank You for Your guidance and leading concerning Your will, Your plan, and Your purpose for our lives. We do hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, for we know You and follow You. You lead us in paths of righteousness for Your name's sake. Thank You, Father, that our path's are growing brighter and brighter every day. Thank You that Jesus was made unto us wisdom. Confusion is not a part of our lives. We are not confused about Your will for our lives. We trust in You and lean not unto our own understanding, as we acknowledge You in all of our ways, You are directing our paths. We believe that as we trust in you completely, You will show us the path of life and ministry. In Jesus Name, Amen.           (For information about an Individual team member, click on photo)

Rev. Barb Thrasher (Senior Teacher0

Rev. Barb serves The Well as Senior Teacher. It is quite possible there is none more passionate about The Word of God! Rev Barb loves the Old Testament, the New Testament, and every precept and Truth found in both. In personality, she's quiet and sometimes shy, but when it comes to the Word she is bold and confident of its power.